Give a little Hollywood sparkle
with the exquisite ARITI Olive Oil!

ARITI’s Luxury edition was included in the legendary Everyone Wins Gift Bag given to 2022 Oscar® Nominees and top Hollywood stars like Nikole Kidman, Steven Spielberg, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Olivia Colman!

Dubai International
Olive Oil Competition 2022

Best Greek
Olive Oil Awards

Dubai International
Olive Oil Competition 2021

Dubai International
Olive Oil Competition 2021

Berlin Global
Olive Oil Awards

Dubai International <br />
Olive Oil Competition 2022

Gold Award -
Best Quality Olive Oils

Best Greek <br />
Olive Oil Awards <br />

Gold Award -
Best Quality Olive Oils

Dubai International <br />
Olive Oil Competition 2021

Gold Award -
Best Quality Olive Oils

Dubai International<br />
Olive Oil Competition 2021

Gold Award -
Best Design & Packaging

Berlin Global<br />
Olive Oil Awards <br />

Gold Award -
Best Design & Packaging

A Unique Luxury Gift of Outstanding
Quality with 500 years of History

ARITI is the definitive symbol of:

  • longevity
  • health
  • prosperity
  • good fortune
  • strength
  • regeneration

Offer the sensational experience of a rare luxury gift with superior quality that supports the conservation of world’s oldest olive groves!

The ARITI Olive Oil Line

Exquisite quality olive oil from the oldest olive groves in the world

Beautifully aged 500 year old olive trees, monuments of nature stand proud and strong, continuing to produce extraordinary extra virgin olive oil through the centuries…

The pursuit of excellence

The secret for our exquisite quality extra virgin olive oil comes from a carefully designed and firmly followed process from the harvesting to the bottling of these centuries old olive groves. The water, the land, the climate and our passionate dedication to excellence create its character and superior quality

The Olive Groves

We take great pride in looking after our centuries-old olive trees. Grounded in mineral-rich soils these wide trunk olive trees also benefit from bright year-round sunshine, mild winters, and the characteristic sea breeze of the Greek islands for them to grow, blossom, and yield top quality olives.


Olives accumulate large amounts of oil in autumn. Usually by November, when olives are still green, they reach their peak in quality of rich aromas and vital nutrients. Specialized agricultural scientists visit the groves and advise us on the appropriate time to harvest these gems. Our olives are then hand-picked for maximum protection and carried to the olive oil mill within hours for the olive oil extraction. A detailed and laborious procedure to capture Mother Nature’s gift to us at its best moment.

Olive Oil Extraction

The olive oil making process we follow is purely mechanical and 100% natural; we add nothing else than olives. The olives are processed within hours after their harvest to produce an olive oil that preserves all its healthy nutrients, is ultra-low in acidity and high in beneficial phenols and most importantly has a pleasantly smooth taste to the palate.

Tasting Notes

Well balanced in taste

Mildly fruity, pleasantly bitter
with spicy notes

Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving: 1 Tbsp (15ml)

Calories 124 Polyunsaturated Fat
Total Fat 14g Cholesterol 0
Saturated Fat 2.4g Total Carb.
Trans Fat 0 Protein
Monounsaturated Fat 10g Sodium 0

Acidity and Polyphenols

Ultra low in acidity: 0.2%

Rich in Polyphenols: 314

Fine design inspired from ancient Greece
and Homer's odyssey

A beautiful story of pure love, unrelenting perseverance and true commitment
is portrayed on our bottle

When the legendary Trojan War ended, Odysseus made an epic ten-year adventurous journey from Troy to Ithaca, his homeland. He sailed through unchartered waters, was cast away on inhospitable lands, fought mythical monsters and lost all his companions. However, Odysseus never gave up hope and never lost focus of his ultimate goal; to hold his beautiful wife Penelope in his arms once again!

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His motivation to endure all kinds of hardships and adversities was this undying love for his wife. A feeling that knows no boundaries, a commitment for life, an unbreakable bond that rises above any seemingly insurmountable obstacle and temptation

On the eighth year of his journey, Odysseus is washed ashore on the island of Phaeacians, today known as Corfu island. The kind and loving Queen ARITI, on a two-horse drawn chariot, accompanied by her daughter Nafsika, who found Odysseus, and a maid decides to bring him to the palace

King Alcinous and Queen ARITI attentively listen to all of Odysseus’ adventures and sufferings. Queen ARITI is mostly impressed by the greatness of his love and the unfaltering focus on his goal. She convinces her husband to provide him the means to continue his trip. Showering Odysseus with precious gifts and many blessings they send him off to Ithaca to reunite with his beloved wife!

A Timeless Hymn to Love, Perseverance and Commitment!

Customize your gift!
Select the edition, color and size of your preference
Add your personal touch to the label

The exclusive luxury edition

Comes in a transparent bottle, enriched with pure edible Gold flakes,
and in two sizes, Large and Medium.

To protect this exceptional olive oil we safely place it in a luxurious hand crafted black velvet case with a gold colored engraving of Queen ARITI logo on the cover.

Ariti Olive Oil The exclusive luxury edition bottles
Ariti Olive Oil The exclusive luxury edition case

The limited elegant edition

Comes in two shiny colors, Snow-White and Maroon-Bronze, and in three sizes, Large, Medium and Petite.

To protect this exceptional olive oil, we safely place it in luxurious hand crafted cases of matching color with a gold and black colored engraving of Queen ARITI logo on the cover.

Ariti Olive Oil The limited elegant edition bottles
Ariti Olive Oil The limited elegant edition case
Ariti Olive Oil  bottles
Ariti Olive Oil  case

Make it personal

This valuable gift of nature, elegantly designed and carefully placed in a luxurious hand crafted case, can be custom labelled, as an additional feature, to make it even more personalized.

Ariti Olive Oil Make it personal bottles

The strictly limited production of our premium extra virgin olive oil is 100% controlled in all its stages, with all the accreditations and official certificates available to you

An exquisite gift that is truly unique

If you are looking for a unique and truly memorable experience
ARITI is the gift to give!

A Corporate Present

A valuable present for the most precious asset of your company, your clients.


Select ARITI exclusive luxury edition to show them how much you value them. Choose ARITI limited elegant edition to turn a Corporate event to a memorable experience!

A Wedding Favor

Your special day deserves a special gift to match. ARITI clearly and strongly signifies longevity, good fortune, health and prosperity.


The traits of the present you give
on your big day reflect the
married life you wish to live!

A Personal Gift

Give a unique luxury present to those you cherish. Whatever the occasion might be, awe those near and dear to your heart with a gift that is so rare and special as they are to you.


ARITI exclusive luxury edition and ARITI limited elegant edition are a great way to show your feelings and appreciation!


ARITI, so much more than an olive oil

Produced in strictly limited quantities from olives that have been hand-picked from one of the world’s oldest olive groves.

This exceptional olive oil embodies a rare and unique spirit, rooted in five centuries of history, that only a select few have the privilege to appreciate.

Our unique olive groves stand proud and unscathed from the passage of time making ARITI a symbol of longevity, health, prosperity, good fortune, strength and regeneration!

Our philosophy and our values

Passion for Excellence. Respect for People and Nature.

At ARITI Exquisite Natural Products
we are passionate about creating unique and luxury natural
products of the highest quality that promote sustainability.

The ARITI product line

Our love and care for every little detail involved in the products we create is coupled with a profound respect towards nature, tradition, the land and the people we work with. We promote sustainable and environment friendly cultivation methods. ARITI actively supports the conservation of these ancient olive trees!

Our vision is to bring to you the sensational experience of a rare premium extra virgin olive oil with distinctive taste and aromas, harvested solely from centuries-old olive trees.

Ariti Highlights

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The olive tree in ancient Greek mythology was considered a divine gift. A gift of great value representing peace, wisdom, victory, prosperity, good health and vitality as well as beauty and strength. The most characteristic example of the greatness
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Today there are only very few left on Earth as farmers used to replace them with younger trees to increase production quantity. These monuments of nature have weathered many adversities over more than five centuries and they are still here standing strong and proud. They deserve to be handed over to the next generations and we actively support that!
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Proud to present our awards at Global Olive Oil competitions!
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We officially launched our own Instagram account,
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