Olive Oil – A history of over 3000 years

The olive tree in ancient Greek mythology was considered a divine gift. A gift of great value representing peace, wisdom, victory, prosperity, good health and vitality as well as beauty and strength.

The most characteristic example of the greatness ancient Greeks had for the olive tree, is the olive wreath crowning of winners at the ancient Olympic Games held every 4 years in Olympia.

Another example is seen in Hercules’ club weapon made from solid wild olive tree bark to beat the fierce lion of Nemea, a wonderful myth symbolizing the vigor, the strength of man and olive tree combined.

The olive tree groves on the island of Pheacians, are also glorified in the writings of Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey. This island, nowadays called Corfu is renowned till this day for its rich traditions, good food, its natural beauty and its culture in living well. The people of Corfu with their high ethics and hard work still continue to enjoy life, appreciating all of life’s beauty from vision to creation and from music to love.